Kelantanese Couple Arranges Polygamous Marriage Because First Wife Was Lonely & Wanted More Friends

Source: Mkini

Polygamy has been a grey area of discussion, especially if you come from a religious background, but this couple from Kelantan seems to be having a ball with their new marital arrangements.

In fact, this woman actually gave her husband the green light to marry not 1, not 2, but 3 more wives! The reason is simple, but maybe not what you expected – she simply wants a girl gang to hang out with.

Source: Sin Chew Daily

Her husband, Wali, who is a contractor, often travels around to work and does not always come home which makes her feel lonely. The first wife, Mimi, who is 31 this year, got what she wanted when her hubby took a second wife who is actually her best friend.

That’s one way to stay linked to your bestie.

“Of course, I have my own conditions, but due to privacy reasons, I cannot reveal them,” she told Mstar.

She also added that Wali married the fourth wife last week on 21 December, which was also approved by the third wife.

“I don’t mind, as long as he can treat all 4 of us equally,” said the third wife.

Source: Sin Chew Daily

Aside from Mimi, who Wali has been married to since 2014, he is also married to Lina, Ani – both 26 years old – and Tiha, who is 25. The wives all run different small-scale businesses.

The marriage with Mimi has given the couple a daughter who is now 7 years old, while the marriage with Lina has given them a son, who is currently 4 years old.

Netizens have a lot to say about this. While some of them joked about the situation, others wonder if this is actually a good thing.

Source: Sin Chew Daily

“Guys, this is why you are still single. He married them all!”

“Since his wife is lonely, I wonder if her husband will allow it if she wants to make more guy friends and marry them.”

Source: Sin Chew Daily

“Couldn’t she have just used social media to make friends?”

“This is not something that’s worth supporting.”

How would you react if your partner suggested polygamy?

Source: The Economist

Polygamous marriages have always been a hot topic in Malaysia, and is no stranger to making headlines.

Earlier this year, a screenshot of a government portal encouraging polygamy as a means for husbands with insatiable sexual desires to outsource that lust onto women other than their existing wife went viral.

There was also the discovery of an active “swinger group” promoting their spouses online for the purpose of group sex and threesomes.

No matter your thoughts on the discussion, it is important to be mindful of your decisions so as to not harm others in the process.