Julian Plenti: Escape From Manhattan?

Julian Plenti is none other than the solo project of Interpol’s frontman and crooner Paul Banks, which explains why this sounds so much like the said Manhattan band.

Although Banks has been performing and composing as Plenti for several years, this year’s Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper marks his studio debut. The album has a more relaxed feel than previous Interpol LPs and the arrangements are more colourful. Banks himself can’t run far from his embittered trademark vocal-delivery and melodic style.

Album opener ‘Only If You Run’ kicks off with a Weezer-ish riff and displays Banks’ cocky and sexy but blank sympathy (I’ve tasted degradation and found / The lace and candlelight). For those who like a bit of intensity in their rock, Plenti has um, plenty of it.

Checkout ‘Only If You Run’ (Matador) by Julian Plenti on youtube and hit up julianplenti.com for updates.