It’s Old, It’s New, It’s In!

I just came across a video on Youtube that features 3 guys break-dancing to classical music. Who would think you could mix the two, but these dudes somehow managed to. See below.


There is this sudden fixture with mixing the old and new. In fashion, updated vintage dresses have conquered most of our wardrobe spaces, stores and glossy spreads. In music, it’s not unusual to tear a classical piece apart and get a current star to do a cover of it. Doing this to great classics can only happen at a certain ripening period, any sooner and you’d be risking blasphemy – take, for example, Ashley Tisdale (who?) singing Cindi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’. No one touches Cindi!


And now, adding to that list is the modernisation of traditional dances. Ever since Slumdog Millionaire made it big at the box-office, everyone wanted to learn how to bhangra to ‘Jai Ho’. The movie has bridged Bollywood to Hollywood, and the dance has even become a fitness craze all over the world. We wonder what is next, perhaps the revival of Kalinka?

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