Hello Kitty x MAC

You hardly see cartoon characters endorsing make-up lines but that wasn’t until MAC and Hello Kitty joined brushes and paws to produce a line of Hello Kitty for MAC cosmetics. Hello Kitty isn’t just any cartoon character, the two-dimensional phenomenon was designed by Ikuko Shimizu. The Japanese designer himself probably didn’t fathom the amount of interest it would generate, but the 35 year old pussycat is worth billions today and is still garnering interest from world over.

The animation mogul with its own line of albums, guitars and even jet planes, has recently expanded its empire by teaming up with make-up mogul MAC to produce a range that is fun, adorable and possible collector items for Hello Kitty enthusiasts. Even if you’re not a Hello Kitty fan (how could you not be?), the vibrant lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, gloss, pigments, false eyelash and blush colours has the JUICE team purring in delight (yes even Kevin and Ben). And if you think you’ve heard the best of it, well there’s more; to make sure you have the right accessories for your Hello Kitty preening stuff, MAC has also made a range of totes, makeup cases, handbags, brushes, keychains, bracelets, miniature blow-up dolls – for those lonely nights and a compact mirror. So friggin’, lickin’, scratching good you won’t be able to keep your claws off them.

Forget having nine lives, all you need is the right equipment to create nine (or more) separate looks for every one of your personality. Cat Woman only had two, the poor puss, but you’re different because you’re special…Meow!

For more colours, prices or simply indulge in your high-school girl fantasy of Japanese girls wearing short skirts with Hello Kitty imprints visit any one of the MAC outlet.