Furniture: ‘False Start’ (Stickylight Records)

Post-rocking their way back into the scene are local band Furniture. ‘False Start’, their first single off their new sophomore album They Made Me Out Of Dreams You’ve Forgotten kicks in with the urgency of a teenage power pop band (although most members are probably around their 30s).

With a distorted keyboard intro playing a gleefully melancholic melody that just sticks to mind, the song just builds and builds throughout its 7-min plus duration, ending with a cacophony of instruments including a trumpet! This is the most rocking Furniture has ever sounded which is great if you like indie pop rock and not-so-great if you prefer their older, more subtle and spacey tunes (ie: post-rock-ish). But if you’re a fan of Iceland, volcanoes and the latter, then you’d be glad to know ‘Jane Behind The Glass’ (another song from their sophomore) fulfills just that. With a new lineup, a new year and a new album, Furniture looks set to grow beyond their avant garde musings and favour a more excitable noise pop hybrid.

Download ‘False Start’ here. For more Furniture, visit their Myspace.