The nightlife scene has seen many a DJ from the spectra of electronic genres. From big room selectors to beat scene producers, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone arguing against the pool of talent Malaysia has been incubating – especially as of late. However, there is one component so intertwined with the idea of ‘electronic music’ and it’s oft-missing from the local experience; the VJs.

For the past four years, has been at the forefront of uncovering forward-thinking DJ-producers and giving the exposure they need. Enough that other media outlets have finally paid attention as well. Now, we look to do the same for visual artists born and bred here. Giving them the tools to play with a massive 30x17ft screen, 3D-mapped sculptures, audiovisual-sensitive visuals, and more, Heineken Pres. 13th Anniversary 'A+V' Party is audiovisual synaesthesia made accessible.

Snap shot of juice 13 visual by Zulamran Hilmi

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