Dior Homme “Blow” Sunglasses

Yes, yes. We know. Dior Homme? Man, you must be thinking JUICE is loading up on the dough. Nah man, times are bad. The fact that we like expensive things doesn’t mean we can afford them. These new Dior Homme “Blow” glasses are creations of Jeremy Scott, so there’s no surprise right there. It may be a little bit more subtle compared to previous Jeremy Scott creations, but it’s hot enough for Kanye West, who has been seen rocking these shades out on stage. They come in 5 colourways with only 500 pieces sold worldwide.

They’re actually quite regular with a thicker frame on the top in neon colours – definitely very Kanye. We foresee plenty of scenesters and hipsters rocking this soon enough. Hmm… Wonder which pasar malam will be duplicating these shades? We predict at least 1 person will put this on at the next Lapsap party. Teehee.

If you’ve got the extra dosh, head over to www.diorhomme.com to score a pair.