Diesel ‘Fuel For Life’ Launch @ The Apartment Downtown

Text David Chin
Image Diesel

Never has a fragrance been so audacious as to have its guests blindfolded and cajoled into exploring their senses, but Diesel did just that at a lavish party thrown to celebrate the launch of its new fragrance – Fuel for Life. Guests were asked if they were alive then ushered into The Apartment Downtown to decide their night’s fate on the Wheel of Life.

Equipped with a blindfold and a card, they explored and were entertained at different Sense Stations each representing a different sense, physical and metaphorical. They were apprehensively put through slimy ordeals and made to taste tantalisingly sweet and sour dishes in the Touch and Taste station, then ushered into the Sight and Sound where they previewed Diesel’s short-film commercials and made to scream out loud, “We are alive!” The Smell station was filled with the alluring combination of scents of mandarin, musk, jasmine, star anise and dry wood while in the Sensuality and Sexuality station had blindfolded guest teased and tickled with the lingering touch of red feathers.

When the magical mystery tour was over, the fragrance Fuel for Life was unveiled with much fanfare as the scent will be integrated into L’Oreal’s alternative lifestyle and luxury fragrance brand. Available for him and for her, the delightful scents promise to fill up your senses and be an alluring addition to any ensemble. Get them in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml bottles at all Diesel fragrance counters and Diesel outlets.

Diesel ‘Fuel for Life’ Launch happened at The Apartment Downtown on Thursday 31 January. This report was published in the March 2008 issue of JUICE.