Dan Harmon Gets Deep About What’s Behind Rick & Morty

Comical wisdom aside, one can’t help but be entertained by Morty’s naiveté and his crazy grandpa Rick. Two seasons of aliens, space, funky science, and complex family relationships are enough to make fans wanting more, and as if the wait for season three of Rick and Morty (purportedly out this summer) isn’t hard enough, creator Dan Harmon gives us quite a bit to ponder on via a video released by Adult Swim, which is a peek into Harmon’s take on theology. The video starts with Harmon saying, “There’s a heavy theme of creator and createe in Rick and Morty,” before the video cuts into clips of scenes that imply the existence of a higher power as well as questions on life’s purpose for the show’s various characters. In it, Harmon further describes Rick as the “seam between God and man,” with an in-depth comparison of Morty’s “loser” but loving dad and science genius Rick, who at the end of an episode attempted suicide despite his astounding mental capabilities.

On a lighter perspective, you can count on any episode of R&M for a feel good time, however, the series has proved to be more than just a cartoon, it’s also a highly philosophical show that seamlessly blends elements of sociological theories like Marxism into a distinctly animated existentialist-powered series like no other. The team behind R&M knows that cool factor isn’t enough, ya gotta have the smarts to boot.

For an unofficial psychological and philosophical breakdown of Rick and Morty, there are multiple video essays by third parties on the interwebs. Watch our favourites below:

Stay tuned to Adult Swim and the show’s official page here for updates on Season Three of Rick and Morty or just watch re-runs of the entire two seasons on Netflix while waiting for news on newer episodes.