Casio G-Shock ‘Shock The World’ Tour @ Zouk Singapore

Do you remember the days in primary school when everyone got hit by the Casio craze? The boys had their G-Shocks while the girls had their Baby-Gs. Everyone just had to be seen sporting one until that gawd-awful Spoon watch took over. There are 2 things to note about the above: one, that the G-Shock is still going strong as a pop culture phenomenon; and two, that the Spoon didn’t make it that far.

In celebration of the legendary G-Shock, the “Shock The World” Tour visited 19 cities in 12 countries, merging together art, music, street culture, fashion and sports. Beginning from its first pit stop in London last year, the tour has gone on to grace other cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico City and Bangkok, each showcasing the latest G-Shock collection and throwing one heck of a party after. JUICE had the privilege to participate in the festivities during G-Shock’s pit stop in Singapore at Velvet Underground, Zouk.

The press con earlier in the day gave us the chance to meet the very charming and animated Kikuo Ibe, also affectionately known as the “father of G-Shock”. Mr Ibe’s story of how he invented the G-Shock is one amazing account that JUICE had the pleasure of listening to. He even threw a watch from the stage to prove how indestructible it could be.

To commemorate the Singapore leg of the tour. G-Shock collabo-ed with local labels SMG (by popular singer JJ Lin)-in collaboration with renowned Japanese cult streetwear Devilock-and experimental art collective :Phunk. These artists created one-off G-Shock timepieces exclusively available in Singapore based on their individual brand identities.

Later that night, with our G-Shock on our wrist, we headed to Velvet Underground. The club was packed out as early as 9pm and we spotted Mr Ibe having a blast on the podium. Local Mandarin rappers Chou Pijiang, singer Alicia Pan, DJ Koflow and b-boy Yoshi entertained everyone throughout the night. We have a hunch that the KL leg of the G-Shock “Shock The World” Tour will be kicka$$. Oops, did we say too much? You’ll just have to wait and see!

The G-Shock “Shock The World” Tour landed in Singapore with a party at Velvet Underground, Zouk on 29 January. Thanks to the team at Casio for our free G-Shocks and their warm hospitality! For more pix, check out our gallery!