Benjamin Bixby Fall ’09

Outkast’s André 3000 is undoubtedly one of the most unique and intellectual creatures in the music scene. He has always been known for his eclectic style with both his music and fashion. A couple of weeks back, he had a walk-through of his Benjamin Bixby Fall ’09 line which takes inspiration back to the 1930’s vintage athletic garment. The line channels that fresh, classic, all-Americana look for men, and is created with historical detailing and immaculate tailoring, reflecting a quirky personal style.

The name behind Benjamin Bixby was created through a funny story. Bixby was a fake name André dropped to get out of the orchestrated mess on an episode of MTV’s Punk’d. The story behind his new collection though, involves goodies and baddies of a different generation with the main inspiration drawn from WWII sky fighters within two rival camps, the Black Barons vs. the Blue Bombers. It’s a style face-off between red and blue. Deep.

Benjamin is a stickler for details and there seems to be a story that goes with each piece. The suiting, for example, is cut from luxury but with much rougher fabric than is used today, harking back to traditional Italian suits that you might now only find in small vintage boutiques with signature 3000 staples. Aside from statement pieces that maybe only Benjamin can pull off, there are plenty of super wearable classic pieces to be had. Plaid pants and rough-suede Norfolk jackets, chunky knit sweaters with light blue pop colour collars are all clothes that will see you through more than a season. Benjamin will always reference preppy styling in some shape or form, but what’s interesting to us is how he flips it. JUICE loves it!