Badger Secret Show: Mocca’s Tales of 10 Years @ Badger Store

You got to admit, those Indon bands have got it made. In addition to a supportive scene back home, they’ve got fans all around the region to keep them from getting homesick while touring.

Taking tips from the 70s and mixing it up with swing, bossa nova and free jazz, Mocca is a band from Bandung, Indonesia that has been touring constantly for the past 10 years. And to celebrate their decade of gigging-on-the-road, the quartet decided to have a tri-nation event right here in Petaling Jaya at the Badger Store.

Now, for those of you still unacquainted with the Bandung streetwear brand, Badger was established in 1999 and has since become a brand with a strong graphic attitude for trendsetters.

The Badger Store in Damansara Uptown closed its door to prepare for the event around 6pm. This was to be a secret event for hardcore Badger supporters and family. But it was also to showcase Mocca who were turning 10 in a couple of days.

Around 9pm, the first band went on. Tonawarna were in full spirit and definitely sounded promising. Even if their songs were a bit slow, they had their guitarist who goreng-ed some sweet soul blues solos on his instrument. Later, the local songstress with a golden voice Yuna performed and soothed the crowd. She also did a duet with Hanafi from Estranged and Rico from Mocca. From Singapore, Postbox came up next and played a short set of indie pop tunes.

But of course the highlight of the night and the reason we were all there was Mocca. When the MC introduced the band, the audience went wild as vocalist Arina stepped up to the front with her flute. It was a fun and nostalgic show and by the end of it we were all singing along with the band.

The event ended slightly after midnight but when we left, people were still hanging around. It’s good to have neighbours as fans, vice-versa.

Badger Secret Show: Mocca’s Tales Of 10 Years @ Badger Store happened on 28 October 2009. More Mocca at Hit up Badger at and

Images Mukhriz Latiff & Rafuyel