Adidas ObyO x Jeremy Scott SS09

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No one can pull off a mullet quite like Jeremy Scott, but then again no one can snip off a pant leg and make it into “the one-legged pant” craze. Designer and fabulously eccentric Jeremy Scott’s work of art are favoured by the wild, the loud and the unconventional – like JUICE! And together with Adidas, Scott has whipped up a collection for Adidas Originals that you just don’t want to be sweatin’ in.

Who would have thought the quiet town of Missouri could harvest a young boy just waiting to break free from the shackles of the common red-neck collar, and break out he did – Scott is now known as one of the most outrageous designers and ranked high above Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney on the Face’s Most Important People In Fashion. He has put his mark on stars like Kanye West, Bjork, Robyn, best friend Cory Kennedy and styles for the band Fischerspooner.

One of the 3 designers picked for the Spring Summer 09 Adidas Originals collab, Jeremy’s is by far the most outlandish collection. Spot leopard printed (complete with ears, tail and paws) hoodies, sequinned cropped pants, fringed-layer long tee, gold kicks with wings (we saw stylist and diehard JS fan Calvin Cheung wearing one) and never seen before on a sports jacket – jabot/ruffle finishing. Although this is not the first time this designer has hooked up with the label, it’s definitely the most interesting of any collab we’ve seen. By the way, Adidas, if you’re reading this we want everything! Or anything you can throw at us please…?

Go check out his website to see what we mean – poodles on spaceship and cute teddies bearing arms…

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