Adidas SLVR SS09 Accessories

The Adidas SLVR SS09 accessories line is well comprehensive. We’ve featured most of it here after the jump but left out the socks and landyards, just because the thought of individually (yes, individually) resizing pictures of socks and landyards was too soul sapping. For all that, there’s plenty of solid stuff to peruse. Top on my list are the nifty purses and bags, which come in all manner of clean minimalist shapes; and the hats and visors, some of which are reversible or can be folded. Convenient and clever.

Featuring the use of nautical colours (black, white, orange, various shades of blue, stripes) and materials like sustainable organic cotton, soybean fabric, water resistant nylon and coated natural canvas, get yours when the Adidas SLVR SS09 line hits South East Asia on 7 April 2009, available only through the Adidas SLVR Store located on the Ground Floor, Siam Center, Panthumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand. More at