Sound Seekers Pres. Orang

Orang performs ‘Selfie’ live and talks about the meaning of the song.


VIDEO: Sound Seekers Pres. Santaroena

Trip hop producer Santaroena performs ‘Rogue’ from his upcoming album.


VIDEO: Sound Seekers Pres. Zet Legacy’s ‘Gua Di Dalam Gua’

“‘Gua, gua, gua,’ I’ll make y’all chant that.”


TRAILER: Sound Seekers – Giving Wings to Local Talents

A new music initiative by Red Bull Malaysia in collaboration with JUICE, The Wknd, Soundscape Records, Melodiya Recordings, and Raising the Bar.


Kasabian: Asylum Seekers

Tom says “you know” and “man” a lot, Serge looks like the bloke from The Mighty Boosh. They both talk to JUICE prior to their MTV World Stage date


Trip Hop, Bass Haven at Santaroena’s ROGUE Album Launch Party @ Under9

The release of Santaroena’s debut album ROGUE has been a long time coming.


Santaroena’s ROGUE Album Launch

Fri, 19th Aug '16

10pm - 3am


Last Word

The Theory of Emo-lution

Don’t say you know emo unless you know these facts.