VIDEO: Anamida & Jasmine Sokko on Human Intimacy & Mental Health

The accompanying music videos for ‘Porcupine’ and ‘The Enemy’ are more than their aesthetics.


LISTEN: Jasmine Sokko’s ‘Porcupine’ Soundtracks the Paradox of Human Intimacy

The singer-producer continues to meld emotions of human longing with futuristic, dancefloor-worthy beats.


VIDEO: What Is Calrose Rice? Here Are 3 Different Ways You Can Cook It

We tried cooking calrose rice in three different cuisines, and got our friends to taste test it!


VIDEO: Malaysians Try Recreating Their Fave Childhood Rice Dishes. Jadi Or Not?

Omggg, all the rice dishes look so sedaappp.


Converse Acts of Disruption Tour @ Penang

Converse traverses 5 cities with 9 homegrown bands — Akta Angkasa, Massacre Conspiracy, Nao, I Am Rain, Coma, Upstart Inc., M.U.Z.E, Green Love, and Si-De — on a disruptive tour meant to shake complacent normalcy. The first leg of the tour sees the band playing at The Warehouse, Penang.


Converse Acts of Disruption @ Grafa

Converse Acts of Disruption tour stopped by at Grafa on 19 May for an intimate gig.