Clueless with hqa aka HAVERHUCK VHS

We spoke to the rapper extraordinaire, pop culture buff, and music video director.


VIDEO: KRZ x TBC x HQA’s ‘Rogue Boyz II Men #Anthem #ElizabethTan’

Elizabeth Tan, Elizabeth Elizabeth Tan.

JUICE Curates

JUICE Curates: ‘#RealHipHop’ by HQA

Any hip hop that has ever come out is #RealHipHop.


VIDEO: When Your Wife Wants Satay But All The Stalls Tepi Jalan Are Closed. How Lah!

“Wait, where would he find satay at this hour though?”


PREMIERE: Home Court’s ‘Sun Flare’

Home Court, authentic; Sun flare, magnetic.


VIDEO: Watch Another Side of Kuala Lumpur in Aman RA’s ‘Budak Flat’

After a couple of pop guest features, Aman RA returns with true grit.


VIDEO: Krayziesoundz x The Bat Cave x NtahSape2Ntah x The Rebel Scum’s ‘Rogue Dayz’

The Rogue Boys have returned with a new anthem, and a new female icon appropriated as a catchphrase.