Folk Rocker Azmyl Yunor Re-releases Tenets

The story behind the local gem


Searching for a New Malay Rhetoric with Azmyl Yunor & Orkes Padu

Learning a thing or two from academic-musician Azmyl Yunor.


VIDEO: Azmyl Yunor & Orkes Padu’s ‘Tanah Air Ku’

Azmyl Yunor is back with something a little different for Malaysia Day.


LISTEN: Hell Low & Azmyl Yunor’s The Pedra Branca EP

Local folk-punk veteran Azmyl Yunor and doom artiste Hell Low from down south got together for a joint EP.


Azmyl Yunor’s ‘Charity Lane’ Music Video

Coupled with the official video, Azmyl’s classic ‘Charity lane’ shows his pitch perfect acumen for satire that is almost vintage Dylan.

Last Word

Azmyl Yunor: Rebelling — Beyond the Superficial

Rebelling goes beyond your sense of style or the swag in your walk. So listen up kids, cause we got folk rock troubadour Azmyl Yunor to school your a$$es.