The Impatient Sisters: Self-Titled

The Impatient Sisters’ self-titled debut LP proves what fans already knew; they’re the real deal.


The Impatient Sisters Pres. ‘Hey There Young Sailor’ Music Video Premiere

Sun, 15th May '16


The Bee, Publika


Darren Ashley x The Impatient Sisters

Darren Ashley’s collaboration with The Impatient Sisters is pure electropop fun sung in Malay.


The Impatient Sisters’ Album Launch

Date: Saturday 21 June ’14
Time: 8pm
Venue: Wanaka the Bungalow


Gaslight Cafe Pres. The Impatient Sisters

Date: Tuesday 12 January ’16
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: The Gaslight Cafe


VIDEO: The Impatient Sisters’ ‘Hey There Young Sailor’

A fairy tale between a mermaid and a man.

Last Word

Soraya Taib: The Awkward Sister

Last January we passed the pen to Soraya Taib of The Impatient Sisters and discovered the neuroses of being the awkward sister.


Places to Go on the Weekend of 13 May — 15 May ’16

The Impatient Sisters’ music video premiere, a book launch dedicated to start a conversation about mental health issue, and TAG’s reunion.


ADSC pres. DANGERDISKO’s Hedonism Album Launch Party

Date: Saturday 10 October ’15
Time: 10pm
Venue: Ace, Zouk KL


VIDEO: OJ Law’s ‘Tongue-Tied’

The next best thing after Justin Timberlake’s junk in a box is probably a mute companion automaton that looks like OJ Law in a box.