Ørjan Nilsen

Born and raised in a small town in Norway, Ørjan Nilsen was taught to play drums for the first 9 years of his life by his father and brother. But he got into making his own productions after trance music caught his attention and he received his first synthesizer.

After producing several unofficial remixes, he worked hard in the studio to assemble 15 tracks for his debut album In My Opinion which present a colourful expression of trance music with the touch of beautiful melodies, beats and synths.

Experience a heavy mixture between progressive and deeper sounds of trance with his latest single from the album, ‘Anywhere But Here’, which is a collaboration track with Neev Kennedy. The album is available at iTunes and record stores now, so get ready to be blown away.

Listen to more of Ørjan Nilsen’s eargasmic tunes at www.orjannilsen.com.