Prep Yourselves for Urbanscapes 2017’s HOAX In The House With Naufal’s Top Picks

All that trap (and one techno) in a single tracklisticle just for you.


Smoke Break & Chill Kinda Playlist by A-Kid

A playlist curated by a rapper that’s not filled with hip hop.


For the Love of 2Pac: A Playlist of Favourites

Cause you don’t need a special day to commemorate a legend.


Celebrating Robyn: Penning Anthems of Heartbreak with Sass

Listening to Robyn’s music is like therapy because she tells you what you need to hear.


These Ain’t Songs For the Broken Hearted

Love bites, love bleeds but is it what you need?


New Music: Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, Dirty Projectors, Drake, Bowie & The Flaming Lips

From Bowie to Drake, 2017 is starting to look like Xmas all over again…


There’s More to Metallica Than ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘Nothing Else Matters’

10 songs that defined Metallica’s 35-year-long career.


Honey, I’m Homely: Moist Funk Party by Jason Waterfalls

For those lonely nights when you want to rein in that #fomo feeling.


Pop Manic Depression: Songs To Make You Feel Happy-Sad by Cindy Low

Dance-cry to this list of happy-sad songs ;(.