Confessions of a Cheongster #1: Kay Kay, Vivian and Xiang Xe

Shortly after publishing our Valentine’s Day feature on the most horrifying dating stories we’ve heard of, we received an email from a reader who wanted to share details of a special relationship he once had with a working girl.

Kay Kay

The only prostitute I had ever fallen in love with was a Guang Dong lass that went by the name of Kay Kay.

We first met in a hotel at Seri Kembangan. I had just finished a meeting in Cyberjaya and was lighting up a ciggie in my car when I thought to myself…

“Man, I could use a massage.”

The hotel in Seri Kembangan was small. So I didn’t expect much.

There were only two workers available. One was a Manchurian giant with juggernaut arms and the other was a tanned and petite 23-year old named Kay Kay.

Kay Kay had cute bangs and deep brown eyes and was sucking on a packet of juice when she answered the door. Why not? The choice was obvious.

We got naked on the bed and sparked a joint I’d brought along. She was a total pothead! Hogging the joint while trying to teach me Mandarin.

We roasted the grass within minutes and started making out. She was a master of her tongue, which could flip in all directions at F1 speed.

She massaged me too, with her breasts, of course.

We fucked. Aggressively.

She gave me a going-away present too, apparently, for sharing my spliff with her.

“You like Feng Tau?”

“I like feng lanciau”, I answered.

She took my hand and grabbed me tightly. Then slipped half an ecstasy pill into my mouth as we kissed goodbye….

I didn’t see her for 3 months after that. From what I heard, she was arrested in raid at that same hotel about a week after I went there.

“Easy come easy go,” I thought to myself.


I was looking around at another hotel in Puchong when I met Kay Kay again, now known as Vivian.

There were 8 girls at the hotel. I had just hit my monthly sales target so I decided to celebrate with a threesome. As I evaluated my choices, I couldn’t recognise Kay Kay, I mean, Vivian. Her new makeover (curly long auburn hair with deeper brown eyes and extra nose and ear piercings) set her in the top 3 of the 8.

I decided to choose her and a jumbo breasted brunette. Vivian was cool with the threesome, but the brunette was a reluctant. So the Captain* had to talk to her a while.

While the Captain was negotiating my dream fuck, Vivian whispered to me.

“Don’t you remember me?”

“Not quite sure. Did we fuck before?”

“Yes. At Forest Inn. At Seri Kembangan. Remember?”

“Oh, the Feng Tau girl! You changed your hair…”

“Yesss… you like?”

The Captain interrupted. No deal said the brunette. “You wanna fuck her you got to do it alone with her. She say she no like with other girl”, mumbled the Captain in broken English.

“Fine. I’ll just take Kay Kay then. I mean Vivian.”

I got inside the room. She instantaneously hopped on me and clutched her legs around me tightly. I grabbed her ass to prevent her from falling down.

We had a reunion joint. Her tongue skills were still acrobatic. We fucked.

We fucked many times on different occasions after that. Sometimes, she would give me an extra shot if I came early or if the Captain forgot to ring the room to inform us that the session was over.

Vivian’s English was broken but I could make out most of what she said. She had a book, which contained all the English and Malay words she had learnt since arriving in Malaysia. She had a thirst for knowledge amongst other things.

Xiang Xe

A year went by, we fucked every fortnight, then every week, then to the point it became a daily routine.

During a particularly good month, I exceeded my sales quota by 250 percent. I sold Industrial Chemicals. Or rather the containers that carry the chemicals. As such I have many Chinese taukeh clients whom I entertain at KTVs and health spas. But that’s work. I tried not to bring my clients to the same place where Vivian worked at, but it happened, once. I don’t know why, but I felt something disgusting stir inside me as though something I owned was being misused. Especially when my client came out saying, “You’ve got good taste,” as he nodded and smiled at me, I felt as though my commission would never be enough.

That month that I exceeded my target, I booked Vivian for the night.

I brought a Polaroid camera and snapped some pictures of her in a towel. We went through the photos. She kept the nice ones.

We fucked 6 times that night. I went out of the hotel to get snacks at the 7-11.

When I got back, she told me that she had some bad news. She said had had enough of this profession and was going to leave.

She had been making RM3,000-8,000 per month since arriving here and decided that it was time to go. Her dad, a retired bus driver, was terminally ill. She wanted to be with him during his last days.

“Are you coming back to Malaysia?”


“What’s your real name?”

“Xiang Xe.”

We fucked again. This time, I went down on her. Many people may think that going down on a prostitute is gross because about 10 different dicks go in and around that area every day. I asked her if her other customers went down on her.

“Some of them do. But none like you.”

I couldn’t remember if I came after that ’cause I past out from exhaustion. Another round followed in the morning, and this time, I came. And she left.

*Name given to the operation managers of this business. Not to be confused with agents/pimps/a character from the song ‘Hotel California’.

**Disclaimer: Pictures in this article are for illustration purposes only.

The author’s name has been withheld for personal reasons. He is still an avid cheongster and is now in charge of a sales team in a different company and industry, and maintains that this is still a better love story than Twilight. Read more tales from the dark side of love here.