Confessions of a Cheongster #2: No Sleep Till Danok (part 2)

Falling head over heels for a Laotian working-girl in Danok, Thailand back in Part 1; our protagonist puts his career and social life on the line as his trips up north become more regular. Threatening his security back home, our Cheongster must make a decision that will change his life forever…

Work was boring just like my gf. I wanted to get right back there. Her calls got more frequent so when we organised the second trip, I was ready for it!

Pretty much the same deal happened as far as travelling there, we even reached Danok the same time as our previous trip, 9am. I called her and she was excited, an hour later she was in my room. Heck, even my grasp of the Thai language became better, thanks to Google Translate.

Both of us slept with no action on the first night because I was just so fucking tired. I just wanted to be with her and I knew she wasn’t leaving anytime soon. This trip was also for two nights, and it was just me and her together most of the time. Red actually mentioned not to book the same girl but frankly, I did and it almost became a full-blown fight. I knew he didn’t want me to be involved in something serious but I knew my limits. I’m a grown assed-chigga for crying out loud!

It’s the same shit every day in Danok, you can’t do much of anything else if you’re a tourist save for sight seeing, clubbing and eating. I could see she was not getting enough sleep due to her lifestyle. On the last night, I didn’t want to go to a fengtau joint ‘cause it’s fucking noisy and I don’t even pop. But she was trying to make my stay here more exciting, she urged me to join my friends. So we did, to tell you the truth I didn’t like it, I would’ve rather just fuck two more rounds before sleeping but she felt obligated to entertain me that way. Somethings will always be lost in translation, I guess.

She also said something about friendship and how we all should party together happily since I came here with my friends. I think she wanted me to be loyal to my friends, like, she was always asking me to check on them if they’re feeling alright or wanted anything. She was too nice for this job.

After almost fighting with the waiters over some stupid stuff, my homeboy Black continued at another club where he opened 20 bottles of beer for the girls there. I was just too tired. I took my girl by the hand and went back to the hotel.

The next morning, I had to leave, she was hoping I could stay another night but I couldn’t, unless I had my own transportation. So I left with a heavy heart and started texting her right after crossing the border.

Months passed but my feelings were still strong. Red was busy with his business and not going to Danok anytime soon. Her calls grew more constant, from 3 calls in a day to 10 calls, I was fucking distracted! I even left important meetings halfway just to talk to her. It was crazy, I needed my utopia, I needed that bitch, her pussy and everything.

I got so into her that I accidentally messaged my girlfriend by mistake once, thinking it was her. My girlfriend got so fucking pissed but luckily, I managed to cover it up. Don’t ask me how I did that, guys (just watch Eddie Murphy’s Raw performance). I decided to make the trip on my own.

After prepping my trusty car, I was ready to drive there, solo ’cause YOLO. She asked what time I would leave and I said at midnight, and reach the border in the morning. Midnight sharp, I was gone. She called again to make sure. The trip was 5 hours long, I thought to myself that this must be the most ridiculous plan I’ve had, just to go cheong. With no hiccups I safely arrived, coolly passed the border and had a relaxing walk to the hotel, feeling like a million bucks with each step. It was pitch black though I could still hear EDM pumping from the clubs nearby. All I wanted was to check-in and sleep.

11am. I called her. She woke up telling me she’d be here by noon. An hour later she reached my room. Excited as usual, we dove into the bed. I called in room service and we had lunch. While we were dinning in the room, I looked across the bed at her and felt a moment of perfection. I had never been happier.

We had sex without protection for the first time. She said because I’m her “husband” now, the trust was real. I was scared at first ‘cause I thought she might have an STD as you never know, but life is a gamble so why not? My girl was so wet, we really got it going, I carried that bitch up like I was a mandingo! It was just too bad this trip was only one night. I was just trying to make it nice, perhaps attempting to end our so called relationship.

We didn’t go to a club, just went a nearby BBQ joint and straight back to the hotel. At one point she asked, “Will you come back to see me next week?” I was not sure. Suddenly, she received a call saying that she needed to go back to her “farm” — so she was out for 2 hours and when she came back, she was crying and told me her friend died, OD’ed on drugs. How fucked up was that shit? She and her other friends were not legally working here. I could only imagine the complications the deceased’s family would face, trying to get the body returned from Thailand.

So she cried and I consoled her. The next day, I was counting the hours again till I left and she asked me again to come back next week. I said, “Yes, sure.”

Apparently, next week would be her last week of working in Danok, she has to go back to Laos for good, probably with my support she managed to hit her KPI. So off again, I went up the following week. I must be fucking crazy to do shit like this, yet another 5-hour journey all the way up to the border. I was like a smart kid waiting for the new school term to start. I wanted to impress her.

So same time, same hotel, same room, I waited for her patiently. This time she came in wearing just a plain t-shirt and pants because she knew since I’m her “husband” I would not mind seeing her in simple outfits. At least that’s what she told me. As we were chilling she asked, “Could you follow me back to my place to get my things?” I was surprised that I could be meeting her Captain. It’s fucking scary though that at the same time, I might get my ass kicked for no reason, but I guessed it should be cool.

So we walked back to her “farm” and there was her captain. She asked me to have a chat with him while she went inside to pack her things. Her captain was a cool, no nonsense dude, full with tattoos (he wasn’t wearing a shirt) and menacing looks till he popped the question, “So, you must be the guy I heard about from her, you treated her well. She even gave her own money so you don’t have to pay me.” I nodded and we chatted some more. He told me life as a pimp was hard, he has 20 girls under his care. He acts as their middlemen and caretaker. My girl’s friend who OD’ed that night, he said they had to secretly packed her in a car and drive to the nearest crematorium. The ashes were be sent back to the family. And this is not the first time this shit has happened. I learned a lot from him, from just a 30-minute conversation. I didn’t feel that he was dodgy. I was worried more if a sudden drive-by happened, I might die from the explosion or get hit by a stray bullet.

After bidding farewell to her pimp, we headed back to the hotel and fucked again.

So the night ended but she insisted for me to stay for another day. I was real low on cash and my ATM card couldn’t be used in the area. She said she just wanted to be with me another night and that the next day she would be leaving for good. I said ok. So I went down to the lobby and requested to leave the border for the sake of withdrawing money. Got my passport, while my girl waited inside the room, took my rented motorcycle and rode down, chopped out, walked to the border, went to the duty free shop to withdraw money, walked back and got stopped by border patrol because the guard said I looked like I was in a rush… “Man, I’m rushing just to get laid, bruh!” He inspected my passport and chopped it, I motorbiked back to the hotel, extended an extra night. She was absolutely happy.

That night we didn’t go to a club, we just walked around the night market and bought some personal stuff to bring back to her hometown. She asked me to come see her in Laos, I said ok, then she bought me a t-shirt.

The feeling was there. Maybe we were meant to be together but circumstances set us in two different worlds. We hugged and all, fucked, bathed and fucked again. She called her family and tried to get her mom to talk to me, of course I didn’t say anything. But sadly all good things have to end, and this night was damn special to us. I started to miss her a lot. Wish I could bring her to Malaysia but it would be a monumental task to do that.

The next morning, I literally dragged my ass out of bed and packed my things. She was sad. I could see her watery eyes, but maybe something good would come out of it. I’m glad she’s leaving to be with her family today. I remember that time when we had McDonalds nearby the border and I sent her back to her “farm” and we said our goodbyes. Nothing unusual in this part of the world, though a bit random. It’s funny that I vividly remember these small things and instances now, but have kind of forgotten the rest.

I was turning into an insomniac. A happy, horny insomniac. If 1 day had 30 hours instead of 24, I still might not sleep at all. Hence, I left this place once again and did not come back, till a few months later.

A few months after our last goodbye, we kept in touch through the phone. My phone bills were fucked. My relationship with my girlfriend was better, but I just couldn’t seem to let this girl go. I even got calls from her at 6am, with the sound of chickens in the background.

She even told me to just give her family RM10k so she could stay with me and get married in Malaysia… so many propositions and plans were discussed but in the end, things just stayed as they were.

The calls became lesser and she found a job at a factory. I was not sure how her life was at that time as our phone-conversation was a short one. After that, we stopped calling each other completely.

I often wonder what happened to her, I just hope she’s okay right now…

So now I’m back to my boring work-life with no new purposes or goals. Wish I could turn back time and relive it all again. I haven’t seen Red since then, maybe he’s still pissed at me for going against his advice – the whole giving your number to a prostitute thing and falling for one. Brown’s a stand-up guy, I heard he goes up there once in awhile to meet his Burmese girl, and Black still contemplates about going there again (he just hasn’t found the right time and the right crew since us). People change but this group was pretty much like those Hangover movies, except all the wild adventures only happened in our bedrooms. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

PS: Today, Danok has gone through a rebranding of sorts – into a more family-oriented tourist spot. I recently went back to that Danok hotel I stayed at so many times in the past, where it was usually packed with horny Malaysian Cheongsters, now it’s full with families on vacation.

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