Let’s Talk About Sex: 5 Misconceptions Malaysian Need to Break to Truly Enjoy Making Love

“Say no more, Say no more” * Nudge Nudge * Wink Wink*

Pop Culture

VIDEO: The Journey of a RM10 Bill Through The Night in KL

Saya sehelai wang kertas RM10.


Why your Money is worthless: Malaysian Capitalism Reexamine

Fri, 12th Jan '18 - Fri, 12th Jan '18

20:00 - 22:30

Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall


LISTEN: CEE & Homeboy Sandman Beast Out to ‘Now & Laters’

With visuals worthy of the American Gods TV adaptation.


Paper Boi is Back in Atlanta Season 2

Um, it’s got the gang chilling with a Komodo Dragon.


Fall in Love with Soviet Control Rooms

Enjoy the end of the world with these beautiful images of Soviet era control rooms.


Swipe Right for Books

Sun, 7th Jan '18 - Sun, 7th Jan '18

8.45 AM - 10.45 AM

TM Point Taman Desa


T.H.E.M Exhibits Humans and Their Mental Health as Works of Art

Thu, 25th Jan '18 - Sun, 4th Feb '18

12pm - 11.30pm



Paint Your Ears with These A COLORS SHOW Performances

Life in the concrete jungle can be grey, we recommend adding some colours to your life.