Wan Azizah: Minimum Age for Marriage for Females Should be Raised from 16 to 18

But is our first female DPM doing enough?


Death Of Two Endangered Borneo Pygmy Elephants at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Causes Suspicion

Sources said that the animals were kept in poor conditions


The Police Know Where Fugitive Jamal Is & They’re Ready To Take Action

Are we done playing hide & seek now?


WSJ: 1MDB Embezzlement All Points to Rosmah & Jho Low

“The wife had more of a picture than the husband”


5 Examples Where Rose Gold Makes Everything Look Good!

You’ll be surprise on how versatile the shade is..


This Triple EP Release Party with Good Vibes Festival is a Must-Go Next Saturday

Sat, 7th Jul '18

9pm - Till late

The Bee, Publika


Do-It-All Artist Anderson Paak Is Set To Perform @ KL Live This July

Thu, 26th Jul '18

7pm - Till late

KL Live @ Life Centre


Sport Your Fave FIFA World Cup Team Jerseys With This Collection by JD Sports

Show up to the mamak with a statement!