LISTEN: Midnight Fusic ‘When Love Was Around’ EP Is Dropping On 20 July

Expect anti-love anthems from these youngins!


Islamic Author Adnan Oktar @ Harun Yahya Arrested For Fraud & Sexual Abuse

So, are y’all still going to idolise his books or what?


Price For Plastic Bags May Increase As 20 Cent Charge Is Not Working

Can Malaysia ever be plastic-free?


It’s Cheaper to Ride a Taxi Than to Use Grab Now.. Here’s What Grab Had to Say…

But will passengers go back to traditional taxis?


Hong Kong & Macau Won’t Share Jho Low’s Last Location

Malaysia and Macau have no extradition treaty..


The Neighbourhood on Their Expanding Music & Making a Vid with Tommy Wiseau

“It changes but it doesn’t change at the same time”


4 Things You Need to Know about Ex-PM Najib’s Arrest

It’s finally happening and it’s just getting started..


Would you pay RM33,000 for a Swarovski Crystal-studded Tudung? Only in Kelantan..

Like Rihanna said, “It’s covered in Swarovski crystals, girl!”


From Pin-Up Girl Contest to Leather-Tattoos, here are 7 Things to do at Ram Jam Festival ’18

Sun, 15th Jul '18

2.30 pm - Till late

The Gasket Alley @ Section 13 PJ


Wan Azizah: Minimum Age for Marriage for Females Should be Raised from 16 to 18

But is our first female DPM doing enough?