Today in Bizarre News From Japan – Music Made From Pubic Hair

How deep can you go with pubic hair? A philosophical question to end all philosophical questions.


Make Midnight Arkadia Vol. 2 Your Last Kopek Party

Fri, 26th May '17

10.30pm - late

The Bee, Publika


LISTEN: ‘You’ Got Rozella’s Heart in a Rut

Rozella bares her vulnerability.


With Anchor Smooth Draught, We’re Pretty Sure You’d Willingly Purchase Anchor Beer Now

Tastes exactly like Anchor on tap, but now you can have it on the go.

Sneak Peek

The Two New adidas NMD’s We Have On Our Wishlist

A bunch of basics worth investing in.


Grunge Legend Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave Passed Away Today

Very unexpected and sad news for all fans of music, especially grunge fans.


LISTEN: After a Long Sabbatical, Leo Ari Revisits ‘Burung Perawan’ With a 2.0 Update

Leo Ari is rebuilding the human relationships he had abandoned with ‘Burung Perawan 2.0’.