Kayczar Makes a Statement with ‘Machas Don’t Cry’

“Skin so brown that the sun can’t get us.”

Last Word

Confessions of a Cheongster #2: No Sleep Till Danok (part 2)

Our Cheongster reevaluates his situation: Stay in Danok and be happy or go back to his boring life in Malaysia?


Chinese Taobao Models Unwittingly Come Up with this Season’s Hottest Dance Moves

Like voguing, but only after selling your soul to the devils of fast fashion.


Charli XCX’s Latest Music Video is Full of Boys, Boys & More Boys

No boys were harmed in the making of this video.


Have You Listened to Tony Hawk’s Son’s Stoner Rock Band Yet?

If you like Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age, you’re going to like this band.


Become the First Wildlife Hero! RM80,000 in Cash and Prizes Up for Grabs!

Play an active role in wildlife conservation with the Wildlife Heroes campaign.


Celebrate the Launch of the Zhongshan Building, Your New Local Arts Hub

Sat, 29th Jul '17

5pm - 8pm

The Zhongshan Building


It’s Always a #PerfectSelfie With the Vivo V5 Plus

Malaysia’s best selfie smartphone is here to make unflattering self-portraits a thing of the past.