Last Word

What Atheists Really Believe In…

We reserve the right to not believe in what you cannot prove.


Depression is the New AIDS

It doesn’t care if you’re a musician or a businessman…


Martell Introduces a New Cognac Experience

Cognac is back! And this time, as a base for cocktails… say whut? Grandpa’s gonna flip out!


Depeche Mode’s new song asks ‘Where’s The Revolution’

Depeche Mode break their silence with a new song…


LISTEN: Ryan Adams Covering Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’

An appropriate song to cover for our times…


VIDEO: George Orwell’s 1984 (The Movie)

Apart from reading the book, you can also watch both film versions of George Orwell’s 1984


VIDEO: Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson Perform ‘Just Hold On’ on The Tonight Show

Tomlinson and Aoki want us to ‘Just Hold On’…

Last Word

Why Every Year is a Shitty Year

Don’t set your resolutions just yet, they’re not the problem…

Breaking News

After 18,000km, Russian Punk Crew stops at Findars this Xmas

Learn about their crowdsourced tour and rock out with the band tonight!