Last Word

Kugiran Masdo is NOT Cancelled for Speaking Up About Piracy

If you think the band shouldn’t have said anything, you’re part of the problem.


Creative Drug Gang Used Fake World Cup Trophies to Smuggle Cocaine

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Up Your AIR-Game with the Latest Nike Air Vapormax 97 “GRAPE”

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Sarawak Says Goodbye to Barisan Nasional and Forms a New Coalition

So now it’s a new Sarawak too.

Pop Culture

Ocean’s 8: Meet the Fabulous Female Criminals Who Will Steal Your Hearts!

Step aside boys, the girls are taking over!

Pop Culture

5 Spider Heroes We Want to See in the Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse Movie

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24 Days and 11 States Later, Zulhezan Explores What Home Means with ‘Faharasat’

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