Last Word

Should Radiohead Really Play In Malaysia? Definitely, But Not Right Now…

They need to pick a side between terror and peace.


It’s The Ship is Back for Another Cruise this November

Ready for another one, shipmates?

Pop Culture

Veganism Gone Wrong: On This Farm, You’re the Meat

Seeing a whole roasted human being isn’t exactly fun.


Tun M Says Lim Guan Eng Has To Clear His Name Before Taking Up Finance Post

It seems we’re finance minister-less for the time being.

Pop Culture

Surprise! Rick And Morty Will Get 70 More Adventures on Adult Swim

Say Morty, ya wanna *burp* go on more adventures?


Check Out Fred Perry’s All-Female Collection For The Baddies

Including the new Amy Winehouse Foundation Collection and more.


Culprit Responsible For Spreading Fake News About Phantom Voters To Be Arrested

Make sure you’re careful of what you share online.


And the World’s Best Blended Whiskey Goes to… Johnnie Walker!

As the saying goes, all you need in life is a good glass of whiskey.