Pop Culture

5 of the Best Comic Book Covers by the legendary Steve Ditko

Goodbye, Mr. Ditko. Thanks for Spider-Man and all the groovy covers.


Malaysian Cops Likely to Have Their Eyes on You If You’re Watching Porn

But they’re looking for a very specific type of porn-consumer…


It’s The Ship’s Crazy 2018 Line-Up is Making Waves!

But the Captain says he’s not hot.


Fahmi Reza’s Custom Vans is Making Everyone Feel Seditious for Wanting it

The infamous clown makes its way onto the Vans Custom Culture contest.


Najib Faces Jail Time, Fine and The Whip If Found Guilty

And a possible fine no less than five times the value of funds siphoned.

Breaking News

Najib Razak Arrested by Anti-Corruption Officers at His Private Residence

Like Tun M said, we have enough evidence to arrest him.


Charissa Ong Talks Self-Publishing, Heartbreaks and Her New Book ‘Daylight Dialogues’

With words close to heart, Charissa pours them into her second book.


Stoner Icon, Harold & Kumar’s Kal Penn Meets Fahmi Reza

But there are no White Castles here..